February 2008

February 2008

When: Friday, February 29th @ 7pm
Where: Ellie’s House
Book: Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture by Ariel Levy

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Starred Review. What does sexy mean today? Levy, smartly expanding on reporting for an article in New York magazine, argues that the term is defined by a pervasive raunch culture wherein women make sex objects of other women and of ourselves. The voracious search for what’s sexy, she writes, has reincarnated a day when Playboy Bunnies (and airbrushed and surgically altered nudity) epitomized female beauty. It has elevated porn above sexual pleasure. Most insidiously, it has usurped the keywords of the women’s movement (liberation, empowerment) to serve as buzzwords for a female sexuality that denies passion (in all its forms) and embraces consumerism. To understand how this happened, Levy examines the women’s movement, identifying the residue of divisive, unresolved issues about women’s relationship to men and sex. The resulting raunch feminism, she writes, is a garbled attempt at continuing the work of the women’s movement and asks, how is resurrecting every stereotype of female sexuality that feminism endeavored to banish good for women? Why is laboring to look like Pamela Anderson empowering? Levy’s insightful reporting and analysis chill the hype of what’s hot. It will create many aha! moments for readers who have been wondering how porn got to be pop and why feminism is such a dirty word. (Sept. 13)

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4 thoughts on “February 2008

  1. Amanda H.

    I just want to say that I missed you girls terribly tonight!! I was excited when I checked the website to see some new pics up! So fun! I hope it went well and I will see you next month.

  2. Beth Carroll

    So I finished the book yesterday and I must say, it was fairly disturbing and depressing. It really makes me want to do something about the way females are viewed and how they act in our society. What do you do though?

  3. Chrissy

    I just wanted you guys to know that I had SO MUCH FUN on Friday! What a cool cool group we are! I love forward to next time!

  4. Amanda

    Chrissy — I couldn’t agree more! It was really cool to hear all the comments and dialog about not just what was shared in the book, but our own personal struggles of how to identify ourselves as women, but not fall into the trap of what culture is saying that looks like. Since the material in the book was kind of depressing, I was glad to have a little hope after our time together. 🙂