October 2008

October 2008

Book: Generation Me by Jean M. Twenge
When: Friday, October 24th @ 7pm
Where: Melanie’s Apartment

A new book tackles the 18-to-35-year-old generation’s problems–those they face and those they create.Twenge’s book is comprehensive and scholarly, filled with statistics and thoughtful observations about the group she’s dubbed Generation Me. These young people were raised with the idea of self-esteem being more important than achievement, which has caused them to place the self above all else. Such beliefs also have created a generation of young people who believe every dream is attainable but who aren’t prepared to deal with discovering it isn’t so. Twenge notes that today’s young parents are especially lenient with their children and reluctant to discipline them, suggesting that perhaps the next generation will be even worse off. Twenge believes Generation Me would benefit from a heavy dose of realism. Accessible and a must-read for the generation they address.
~Kristine Huntley

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One thought on “October 2008

  1. Elizabeth

    I struggled a bit in the beginning (mainly because I thought it was depressing) but then I thought it picked up speed towards the middle and end. . .