November 2008 — One Year Anniversary!!!

November 2008 — One Year Anniversary!!!

Can you believe it is officially our one year anniversary since our first book club meeting? It all began last November with C.S. Lewis and 3 ladies…and look where we are today! How exciting! It has been a fantastic first year of meeting new people and learning a lot about each other and the world through books.

This month, we move on to The Time Traveler’s Wife and it is sure not to disappoint…see you at the end of the month!

Book: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
When: Friday, November 21st @ 7pm
Where: Amanda’s House

This bestselling and innovative debut novel from Audrey Niffenegger explores the perfect marriage, one that is tested by challenges the couple can neither control nor predict. An imaginative extension of everyday life, the story asks: What if two people who loved each other deeply, married, and faced a life in which one person remained constant while the other slipped fluidly in and out of time?

A modern love story with a twist that invites us to linger over questions of how life and love change over time.

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2 thoughts on “November 2008 — One Year Anniversary!!!

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m so excited that we’re reading this and that the book club is one year old! Time went by so quickly!

  2. elliek

    I finished! I sat in bed with tears rolling down my cheeks as I read the last couple of chapters – even though I knew what was going to happen I still cried my little eyes out! Such a great book!